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03 Sep

Why We Should Ditch Diets

The diet industry is a $72 billion industry, that is ever growing. As the industry increases in profitability so does the obesity epidemic and subsequently the amount of people who end up living their lives in a world of guilt and shame.

Something is wrong with this picture and it’s not the people putting their heart and souls into losing weight. Here is just the tip of the iceberg as to why I believe we should be moving away from this world and trusting our own cues again.

  • The diet industry tends to feed of people’s vulnerability
  • It is prescriptive not informative
  • Studies have shown that 97% of dieters regain the weight that they have lost within a three year period.
  • It assumes everyone’s body works the same as the next, no matter the genetics lifestyle, food choice, medical conditions etc
  • It puts the focus on thin or fat and not health, resulting in people losing weight but cutting out major food groups and potentially impairing their bodies optimal functionality. It preaches that as long as you are losing weight, you are winning and healthy.
  • It trains the body to become more energy efficient, meaning you will require less energy to function which may cause metabolic imbalances and weight gain.
  • It can result in hormonal imbalances which may impact your ability to feel hunger and fullness.
  • It feels like it’s time to shift gears and I am looking forward to sharing some more information with you all, as to how?