Post Bariatric Surgery Nutritional therapy


Life after surgery

The Yana Clinic caters for the post-bariatric surgery years, which are not always straight forward. One where you fight to stay on track, and worry about complications. It is assumed - because you are a year or two out of surgery - that all the eating patterns that led you there have been resolved, and new side-effects following the procedure are to be endured alone. It can be frustrating, painful and may end in needing revisions or further procedures. Or you simply feel weak, the opposite of the optimal health you were aiming for. Nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption are two repercussions associated with bariatric surgery, which may lead to further complications. The Yana Clinic is here to offer nutritional programming and a community of information and support.


Functional Medicine

We understand that everybody is different and every body is different. There is no one size fits all and that this is especially the case following bariatric surgery. Sign up to one of our bariatric packages to let us look at the whole picture.

  • 16 Week Life After Bariatric Surgery Programme
  • Annual Bariatric MOT
  • Support Groups
  • Annual ‘Life After Bariatric Surgery’ Conference

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