Bariatric Nutritional Therapy


Embarking on the post-bariatric surgery years can be a labyrinthine journey, riddled with uncertainties. It's a phase where staying on course feels like a battle, where concerns about complications loom large. Often, the assumption is that a year or two post-surgery, all previous eating patterns leading to the procedure have vanished, and any new side-effects are to be silently endured.

At Yana Clinic, Emma specialising in navigating the complex aftermath of bariatric procedures and recognises the diverse needs of every individual and their unique bodily responses. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, particularly after bariatric surgery. bariatric packages are designed to encompass the entirety of your situation.


Emma offers more than just nutritional programming; she fosters a community of information and support. Her approach integrates personalised nutritional guidance with a comprehensive understanding of your individual circumstances.

At The Yana Clinic, Emma provides the guidance, support, and tailored nutritional strategies needed to traverse the maze of post-bariatric wellness. Book a discovery call today and let's navigate the journey together.

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