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04 Sep

Why Blanket Diet Protocols Don’t Work

I am trained in the world of functional medicine. This means as Nutritional Therapists we don’t just look at the symptom, we look at everything from genetics, to medical history, to lifestyle, to diet and many other variables in between. This approach focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes that may be contributing to an individual’s illness/ condition. In short, we don’t just give a pain killer to mask the pain, we work to find out why that pain is happening in the first place and address that

What this has taught me is how different one body is from the next. Not only in terms of speed of metabolism, but also in ability to assimilate and absorb various nutrients, in diversity of gut microbiota, in hormone regulation, in levels of inflammation, in toxic load… I mean the list of variables goes on and on and on, absolute reams could be written on variables from body to body.

Now with that in mind, how can one diet protocol, issued to you by someone that has never even met you, let alone tried to understand the workings of your body dictate how you could and should lose weight. How is it that WE are the ones feeling like failures after this diet ultimately fails our needs.

Your body is ever changing and so consequently so is its needs. One size in the world of diet and health, most definitely doesn’t fit all!