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02 Sep

What Is Intuitive Easting?

Welcome to The Yana Clinic’s intuitive eating series. First things first, lets delve into the bare bones of exactly what intuitive eating is.

Well most importantly, it is not a diet. I feel it is important to say that again for the people in the back who may have skimmed over that…intuitive eating is not a diet. Neither is it a loosely veiled ‘we are not a diet, we are a way of lifestyle’ kind of thing.

At its core, intuitive eating is a framework that takes into account both our bodies and minds. It allows us to honour both our emotional and physical needs by listening to and trusting our bodies again. It helps us reconnect with, hunger and fullness, it helps us to build a narrative of what feels good and what doesn’t. We learn to find the answers in ourselves and not in others who may have never met us before and somehow believe everybody will work in the exact same way as the next.

Intuitive eating is a way to say goodbye to the guilt and shame around food. You will learn to give yourself unconditional permission to eat when hungry, eating for your physical needs rather than emotional responses, rely on internal hunger cues to determine when and how much to eat. Learn to trust yourself again and find more peace with your relationship with food, your body and your mind.

The average women spends 13 years of her life on a diet. Imagine a world where you never have to diet again and all that energy instead could go into enjoying your life and thriving.