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08 Sep

Challenge the Food Police

Moving away from labelling food bad or good is key to soothing the relationship with our diet. Now I am not saying that some foods won’t service your need better than others, I am not saying some foods won’t feel better in your body than others. I am also not saying that some foods won’t make you feel exhausted where others will help you thrive throughout the day. What I AM saying is that we as a society must stop adorning some foods as villains and some as heroes. It is giving food power, an identity and allowing it steer how we judge ourselves.

Intuitive eating allows us to take the guilt and shame out of our food choices. It removes judgment and external narratives. Most importantly it allows us to go on our own journey!

Not one where we are told that a burger is bad, but one that you get to eat the burger and decide for yourself how it makes you feel. How much you really enjoy the taste once restriction is taken away? What is it about the taste that you enjoy? How much of it do need to eat to fill you up? What you feel like after? Is this food servicing your needs enough to keep in your diet regularly?

Coming to our own conclusions are often more powerful and sustainable than having a barrage of does and don’t from people that a) have no idea about you or your body and b) are often not qualified to give advice.

Going on this journey of discovery will allow you strengthen the narrative that you have with your body and its needs. It will give you the confidence to trust yourself and most importantly ensure you never have to go on a diet again.